Useful photography tips for beginners to create a creative composition.

  1. Use your existing camera. There are many types of options for cameras lenses and accessories available in the market. Due to high tech advancement, today’s entry-level DSLRs are better than the top-of-the-line film SLRs ever were. It’s quite important to focus on the creative skills and knowledge of camera settings instead of camera equipment.
  2. Working with composition. Engaging photos need to be planned with thoughts on the composition of the outcome.  Keep it at horizon levels and try to eliminate distractions from your photo by readjusting your composition. Keep it simple with balance lightning.
  3. Learn the settings. Look at the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO and focus on your objects. Single-servo autofocus ( known as One-Shot AF) could be used for stationary objects while continuous-servo autofocus  (known as AI Servo) can be used for moving objects. Keep your photos RAW so that it can be edited later on. JPEGs format look good out of the camera but have much less latitude for post-processing.
  4. Don’t overexpose highlights. The goal is to balance the light’s intensity between subject and background, pay attention to the softness and direction of light. Choose flattering angles and ensure that it’s not discolored. Use flash appropriately and consider an external flash which can fill in ugly shadows on the object by using a gentle flash.
  5. Opt to use a tripod only when necessary. Tripods improve the stability of the composition and take sharper shots. An entry-level DSLR and a tripod can produce iconic photos beautifully by capturing the details.
  6. Clean your camera lens. This way you can prevent from getting blurry photos, so clean your lens to ensure that the front element of the camera lens is free from dirt, dust, and smudges. Get a microfiber cloth and lens cleaning solution to avoid fingerprints on the lenses. Do not use a cheap filter on the front of your lenses as well, because it creates blurry effects on your photos.




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