Design New Realities Which Leads To New Innovations


In the advancing technological landscape, we as designers need to be early adopters to create an impact for innovations and innovative solutions. We design smarter solutions to enhance informative creative decisions.



It is important that we realised the importance of development of new realities. New realities are classified as new technologies which includes: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR).


Artificial Intelligence is a form of computerised software with algorithms to enhance the digital age era. Software like “Siri” are programmed with AI digital assistants to assist in human decision-making.


AI leverages on user interfaces, creating a personalised user experience for each individual interacting within the app/website. With AI, We are also able to design data-based decisions to improve automated tasks for human processes. With these technologies, we are able to reshape the digital landscape and re-design artificial intelligence programmed to suit your software to cater to your company needs. In the future of machine learning, driverless vehicles are designed and programmed to assist drivers, and create smooth traffic flow.


Designing new innovations will make a dynamic impact on the future reality. With the new age of discovery, we design AR with new concepts, with UX and design processes to suit immersive experiences. Leveraging on all the above new realities as mentioned we foresee that we designers are moving into the future, creating a sensing technology focusing on enhanced living with virtual interactions. We have to be constantly innovating to give consumers and end users an exploratory experience. We designers, have to consider how the complex information overlaps with the actual reality and use this consideration to present an effective usable platform.


We have to understand from the usability perspective and know what the systems can present to the user visually. From a design and usability standpoint, as designers of AI, we need to remember a key principle to ensure users feel at ease at keep them grounded in the real world. Leveraging sound, motion and scale in the virtual environments to create a natural and ergonomic user experience.


If you have a notable ideation for your brand experience to be in new realities, which you would love to work on with us, send in your proposal to our email address at We have a full fledged team of capable designers and programmers to create a concept to deliver it to your end users with an AI/VR/AR/MR technology.



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